Insurance for Golf Course Owners and Those Behind the Scenes

What would American sports be without the one and only golf activity? A sure favorite for the famous, including the President, as well as business tycoons and ordinary golf lovers, golfing news hits the media quite often to the delight of all followers.

Far behind the scenes of the rich and renowned members of society who compete to get the ball in the hole are the creators and owners of the opulent lawns and country club houses that dot along many a thorough way. To the golf course architect and associating team, the investor and owner and those with golf carts, there lies a considerable amount of liability risk exposure. Without the corresponding appropriate insurance coverage, financial disaster would be a growing concern.

All-American Golf Coverage

Golf Course Designer Insurance: This form of indemnity protects the architect and his or her employees, including the golf course engineers, landscapers and gardening architects.

Golf Course Owner Insurance: This coverage includes the commercial aspect of property liability and all that it incorporates. Individual protective packages are made up of liquor liability protection, directors and officers’ liability protection, property coverage for related tees, greens and fairways and environmental impairment liability protection against herbicide and pesticide applications.

Golf Drivers Range Insurance: This coverage encompasses protection for what is known as ‘stand-alone’ ranges.

Policies are written on a replacement cost basis for special causes of losses that protect buildings, business personal property and equipment. If needed, all signs, off-premises property, netting, fences, night-time lighting and video equipment can also be included.

Golf Range policyholders can include loss of income and crime insurance. Wider protection can be procured from umbrella insurance as well as excess limits coverage.

Golf Carts, Low Speed Driving Vehicles Insurance: There was a time when golf carts were simple vehicles designed for one purpose only: to assist the golfer on the course by driving from one spot to another around the golf course. These carts can be insured through standard homeowners’ plans, in general, by endorsement. The more modernized versions, however, are classified as low speed vehicles – carts that multi-task and are created to drive through certain roads, including retirement and gated communities, marinas, overnight and day camps, residences that restrict access to its members and approved visitors, as well as roadways throughout the states that allow it. Insuring the multi-tasking golf carts is not as simple and requires coverage on a separate basis, similar to automobiles.

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