Non-Profit Insurance Coverage for Arts Centers

If you are part of the non-profit arts and culture world, get the commercial insurance coverage you need because even in your niche of society anything can happen – at any time!

Insurance Claim Scenarios that will resonate:

General Liability Insurance

During a performance’s intermission, a member of the audience fell in the restroom. The woman was brought to the hospital’s emergency room for x-rays in great pain when it was confirmed: she had broken her leg. A week later, the woman filed a pain and suffering lawsuit against the arts center. She also demanded recompense for the physician and associated rehabilitation costs.

Insurance for Abusive Conduct

The songs’ sweet melodies were enhanced greatly by the child prodigy who demonstrated inimitable talent and potential. Then, everything went sour as he complained to his mom about being touch inappropriately by the choir manager. After discussing the unpleasant issue with dad, the couple brought a negligent hiring lawsuit against the association.

Inland Marine Insurance

Who could think about thievery after a long and hard drive throughout the night? Following a particular long night-long commute to a performing arts center, the play members spent a well-deserved reprieve at a local inn. To their utter dismay, the morning revealed that their truck had been broken into and the stuff they had left inside stolen! The losses translated into $9,700!

Directors & Officers Insurance

No one ever suspected the executive manager of the arts complex to do anything less than scrupulous so a wealthy business owner gave a big donation for specific use. The manager, however, proved the trust had been misplaced when he used a portion of the money to pay for a troupe visit to the city to view a popular play. Upon discovery, the donor sued for not having the funds channeled correctly. By that time, the ability to foot the lawsuit bill had been seriously compromised by the managers’ misuse of funds!

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

It was a stifling hot and humid day in the middle of August when the unthinkable actually occurred at the celebrated playhouse. The central air conditioning unit broke down! Who could blame the audience for piling out once the unbearable discomfort set in? Not only was there property damage that amounted to a whopping $36,000! To top it all off, there was a business loss of $28,000 for the day the repairs were underway and the operation shut down completely!