Can You Get Toothache Relief Without Going to the Dentist?

When a toothache arrives if you are like most people you would like to avoid going to the dentist. If you are looking for toothache relief you may want to consider some home remedies to give you some immediate help.

These are some things you may want to try to give yourself a toothache treatment to stop the pain.

Iodine is one of the vital minerals in our body which is necessary for the prevention of thyroid problems. It also can be used to stop toothache pain and can be purchased at any drugstore. Just put a drop on the affected area trying your best not to swallow it.

Warm salt water-remember when you got a sore throat as a kid and your mom said to gargle with salt water. You can rinse your mouth with warm salt water and this can give you some relief from the pain.

Oats-Take some oats and place them on the hurting tooth. Bite down for a few minutes. The oats will help draw out any infection that may be in the tooth. After this you should rinse with warm salt water.

Cucumber-This may sound out of the ordinary but take a slice of cucumber place it over the affected tooth and bite down gently. Sometimes it can work to reduce the pain.

Clove Oil-One of the best uses of clove oil is for toothache remedies. It contains eugenol which has been used by the dental profession for decades. It is inexpensive and be purchased over the internet or any health food store.

Ice-In conjunction with any of these toothache remedies you should use ice because it will help numb the hurting tooth and the area around it.

You must remember the home remedies listed above sometimes will offer temporary relief especially if it is just a toothache. This usually is an indication of serious issues in the future especially if the tooth gets infected then you can get into problems.

Possibly one of the reasons you didn’t go to the dentist in the first place is that you know with the tooth x ray and filing your out of pocket cost to get your tooth fixed is going to be expensive. How would you like to go to dentist and get this irritating problem taken care of for about $100.

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