Opt for Life Insurance for Protection as Well as Wealth Creation

In today’s fast paced and ever changing world nothing is certain except for the fact that life becomes very easy to live if you happen to have money in your wallet. There is no certainty that you will wake up tomorrow when you go to sleep today. However, it is certain that the life of your family members surviving you will be very comfortable tomorrow if you opt for life insurance today.

Traditionally, life insurance was meant to ensure the financial security of the family of an individual after the death of the individual. The individual continues to pay the premium for the insurance as long as he or she lives. Upon the death of the individual, the family of the individual will receive the benefits of the insurance policy. Today, life insurance policies are no longer treated as instruments intended to secure financial security after death. Today, it is recognized as an effective financial tool for wealth creation.

Traditional life insurance is symbolized by term insurance. You go on paying money and the benefits accrues to your family after your death. The new outlook towards life insurance is characterized by permanent insurance. Although there are death benefits, those are not the only benefits. Permanent life insurance enables you to create wealth and enjoy its fruits in your lifetime itself. Insurance companies generate wealth by investing the money deposited by the life insurance policyholder after obtaining the permission of the policyholder. In such instances, life insurance companies act as agents of a large number of policyholders and invest money on their behalf. The suitability of these two types of life insurance differs from person to person and depends on individual factors.

Term insurance is cheaper while permanent insurance places a heavier burden on your pocket. Term insurance is absolutely free of risk while wealth creation may lead to wealth loss as well. On the other hand, term insurance is of no use until the unfortunate event of the death of the insured.

Each and every person opting for life insurance must ensure that the cover on his or her life is sufficient. The last thing that any person wants is for his or her survivors to suffer due to insufficient benefits from the insurance cover. There is no universally accepted formula to calculate the life insurance cover that a person needs. It depends on the income of the person, the debts that the person has incurred and upon the life style that the person and the family are used to. If you have incurred a lot of debts during you lifetime, you will require a life insurance cover that ensures that the burden of repayment of the debt does not fall upon your survivors.