Buy to Let Property Insurance

Buy to let property insurance is a unique insurance product designed specifically fr landlord renting out properties on short hold tenancy agreements. Choosing this kind of specific buy to let insurance is an absolute must for anyone considering becoming a buy to let landlord.

By having a regular domestic property insurance policy (not specific buy to let property insurance) can leave you not covered adequately should something go wrong. One example of the difference between a regular and buy to let policy is the amount of time you are allowed to have the property unoccupied. With many domestic policies you’ll be covered if you leave your property unoccupied for a short period such as 3 weeks, for example if you go away on holiday. However when renting your property, the time between one tenant moving out and another moving in can in certain circumstances turn into several weeks or months. This covers you for longer periods such as this.

Imagine you are letting a property out, the tenant moves out. While you letting agent is searching for a new tenant for you something happens such a subsidence over the period of a few days, causing the place to fall down. Imagine the horror when you discover that because you property insurance is not buy to let specific, you are not covered! Yes this might be a far fetched example, however it illustrates what may happen if you do not upgrade your policy to buy to let property insurance.

For the sake of a phone call and a slightly higher premium, this can save you thousands in the long run.